Let's Bring the World Cup to Dallas #Dallas2026

Ginger Lively Cade has been a part of the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Dallas Sports Commission for 21 years. Her career began as a student assistant in the athletic department at the University of North Texas, her alma mater. She then moved into the hospitality industry where her role changed into more sales and service. She's worked on Dallas bids for the 2012 Summer Olympics, Super Bowl XLV, NCAA Men's & Women's Final Four and many more. She currently lives in Chandler, Texas with her husband, Ras. They enjoy traveling together along the calf roping and rodeo trail.

Q: Can you talk about some of the events you're working on now and how, as the Sales Director, you fit in?

GLC: We are currently in a bid cycle for all the marquee sporting events right now as it relates to NFL, NCAA, FIFA, etc. As the Sales Director, my job is to basically take all the requirements for these bids and figure out how they fit in Dallas and prepare what we can offer overall as a host city. We are tasked with making sure we have the right overall package containing:  an available actual location for the field of play to occur, ancillary event space, hotel capacity, available meeting and convention space and a supportive local organizing committee.  Then we drill down even further into the community service aspect of the event and take a look how the event affects our city overall with hopefully some potential legacies. My part in all this is to find all the answers to the questions in the proposals they send out, collect it, and put it into a nice package with a pretty bow to make sure that we win the business for Dallas.

Q: What does it take on your end to win business for Dallas?

GLC: It takes attention to detail and relationship building. Making sure ALL of the information requested is accurate and complete all the while being delivered by the specified deadlines. For my job specifically, it is critical to have strong relationships with your facilities and your hotel community; it is just a given that you MUST be an expert in what your city has to offer.  Earning my partner's trust is something I have worked hard to achieve in my 21-year tenure so it truly is a partnership to win bids and execute them successfully within Dallas!

Q: To you, what does it mean to bring events to Dallas?

GLC: For me it is an honor for people that run events to entrust their livelihood to me by bringing their events to Dallas. Knowing that I have had a small part in winning events for Dallas where athletes, fans, families and employees come to make memories is very special.  The sports travel industry is a huge part of our local economy and it is nice to know that I have a part in keeping people employed in a great industry.  Overall, I like to think I get paid to provide amazing overall experiences for these people by helping sell Dallas and fulfilling that promise of what I put in the bid to make sure it comes true.

Q: Why are you passionate about your job?

GLC: I am passionate about my job because every day is a new day- you never do the same thing. I LOVE what I do.  I truly believe the relationships I've built in my 21 years are important not only on a professional level, but a personal level. I have put my integrity, pride and a lot of personal self-worth into what I do because I feel like people are trusting me to bring their events to Dallas and that is a lot of responsibility. At the end of the day, being honest and doing everything within my power to deliver those promises in the bid equals a success for all. It's important because there a lot of people in the hospitality industry in Dallas that depend on the DSC, so something that I can put together can bring business to Dallas, but also support a lot of jobs and families.

Q: The best sporting event you've been to was the National Veteran's Wheelchair Games. Can you talk about why that is?

GLC: It was an overall amazing experience here in Dallas. There were 800 veterans that came to Dallas to participate in the wheelchair games and every one of them were coming for a purpose of rehabilitation and empowerment.  Some participants had already been here before, but a lot of them were new to Dallas and I really think our city stepped up in a way that I was so proud of.  We truly owe these veterans everything for our freedom and to be able to participate and see their ceremonies and games was spectacular. They make the comment that these games change lives, but really, they changed my life.

Anything else to add?

I've been with the Dallas Sports Commission, previously Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau, now VisitDallas, for over 21 years and it is the best experience I have ever been a part of. I have seen the company grow and I have been able to be a part of every major sporting event that has come to this area.  I believe 155% that Dallas is a great sports destination!  BIG WINS HAPPEN HERE!

Favorite Sport: Rodeo

Best sporting event she's been to: The 2015 National Veteran's Wheelchair Games

Did you know? Ginger lives on a 50-acre ranch with a bunch of cows & horses! And she hates Frogs.