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Joe Albsmeyer is the Director of Business Development for the Dallas Sports Commission. He has been a part of the team since its inception in 2014, but has worked with the Dallas CVB since 2010. He was born and raised in Pleasant Plains, Illinois before moving to Florida to attend college on a baseball scholarship. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He spends his free time playing golf or exploring the Dallas area with his wife and two children.


Q: Can you talk about some of the events you're working on now and your role as the Director of Business Development for the Sports Commission?

Director of Business Development is an expansion of the sales role and is an all-encompassing term for events that are furthering our initiatives as a sports commission. It could be community development, relationship building, or an opportunity that sets us up to be in a position to expand our experience or our portfolio of different events. My focus involves positioning the sports commission to better serve as a local organizing committee when we need to handle those ancillary events or integrate other resources. I still recruit events to come to our city, but it's more than just filling hotel rooms. Some events that I'm working on now are the Big 12 Football Championship in December, USBC's (United States Bowling Congress) Junior Gold Championships, and future year NCAA Basketball events. These events have already been awarded to Dallas, but there's a lot of items that still need buttoned up to solidify our commitments from the bid phase. Part of our strategic plan is to focus on large attendance generating events, and we've had good recruiting success in the past year.

Q: For the events you help with, what does it take to achieve successful planning and execution?

It takes a lot of questions to the perspective client that contacts us. It takes the knowledge from previous experience of events we've hosted in the past, then taking the request that comes in and getting them to understand the full scope of what all the sports commission can offer for their event. Also, knowing what our team can deliver on is just as important so that I'm not selling the client on services we can't provide. Communication both externally to the client and internally with our team is critical so that what is promised is ultimately delivered.   

Q: What does it mean to bring events to Dallas?

This is tough to answer, because a lot of larger events that I am involved with, it's certainly not just me that brings them in. I am a smaller piece to a large puzzle of people that it takes to bring events to Dallas. There's a sense of pride when I can take a client that may know their event, but not know much about the travel industry or Dallas itself, and be the liaison or provider that helps them get from A to B. I'm more proud when I can facilitate and assist the client to get them here because there is so much that goes on in Dallas. Without helping them to locate a facility or introduce them to a vendor for a specific need or even assist in applying for funding, they likely would never be able to come to Dallas and that's something I'm proud of when I make that connection.

Q: What makes you passionate about your job?

Since graduating from college, sports marketing is the only career that I've ever had. When I was in school I landed an internship that was with Polk County (FL) Sports Marketing. This was my introduction to destination marketing with sports and I immediately fell in love. When I was growing up, my family and I essentially took vacations wherever I played a summer tournament, whether it was baseball or basketball. I loved these little mini-vacations because I got to travel with all my friends and play sports. When I found out there were organizations on the other end of those tournaments whose job was to bring those in, I knew that was what I wanted to do. I made the transition from athlete to working professional fairly easy because I was ready for my playing days to finish and knew I didn't want to coach. Moving to the hospitality side of it was perfect because I loved that aspect and didn't need to be involved with the x's and o's.

Q: Your favorite Dallas sports memory was when the Packers won Super Bowl XLV at AT&T Stadium. Can you explain why?

Super Bowl XLV was about nine months after I moved to Dallas. So, outside of working on the World Cup bid, this was fulfilling my dream of working on big events. For me, being a kid from a small farm town in Illinois, this was a dream come true. It felt good for me because it was justification that I worked hard enough to be able to come to a big city and be part of events like this. I wanted to get into this career field to be able to be a part of things that I grew up watching on TV and always seemed out of reach. Super Bowl XLV was the first one that I was really involved with and it just so happens that I'm a Green Bay Packers fan so that was a nice coincidence that they won. WrestleMania week last year is a very close second.

Q: Anything else to add?

When I came here there were just four of us in the sports department of the Dallas CVB, then it went down to three. I was sort of blown away by what we were doing then, but now to see what we are doing seven years later and to see the sheer volume and capacity of events that we are not only bringing here, but operating and assisting here is amazing. I have a sense of pride to be able to say I played a small role in the growth of the sports commission from just a sports department in the Dallas CVB to a full-blown sports commission that I think is one of the top in the country. I will always remember telling Monica (Paul, Executive Director) in my interview that I believe there are two ways to be great. One of them is to possess a skill or trait that is just better than anyone else. The other is to be willing to do what everyone else won't, and that's where I always thought I fit in. I feel I can be successful as long as I am always willing to do the things that nobody else will. 

Favorite Sport: Golf

Best sporting event he's been to: WWE WrestleMania

Favorite all-time Dallas athlete: Emmitt Smith

Did you know? Joe enjoys dream interpretation