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As you were putting together a Hall of Fame playing career, did you have a plan for what you would do after your playing career? If so, how did you prepare yourself for that career?

I've always known that I wanted to change lives. As we know, sports provides a powerful vehicle for that. Sports changed my life and that of my family, and it's been my goal and my mission to reciprocate that, many times over. My whole life has been about the next challenge. Toward that end, my focus was on the professional sports and business sectors. Sports provides a common bond, so whether it was in broadcasting or the management side of sports, I always believed I would continue in the sports industry in some form. I watched and paid attention to those members of the media who I respected. I took mental notes on how the executives for the teams I played for worked and carried themselves and how they treated others. I made sure I sat in on every meeting possible inside and outside of sports. Just by doing that I learned a lot about how people did their jobs and how they earned the respect of their peers. But no matter what I wanted to do after my playing career, I knew I had to finish my degree, so in the off-season when I was in the NFL I went back to TCU and took classes until I graduated. Aside from that, I just always tried to have the mindset that I wanted to do everything I could to prepare myself for a meaningful life after football was over, which I'm now doing through my Team America platform.