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DreamHack Coming to Dallas in May 2019

DreamHack is excited to announce that we will be heading to Dallas, Texas, on May 31 to June 2 for an exciting event, featuring both the DreamHack festival experience and the next CORSAIR DreamHack Masters stop.

DreamHack Dallas is a full-scale DreamHack festival, with a Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) LAN area, cosplay competitions, music acts, expo area, esports tournaments and much more. For the first time ever this will be combined with the CORSAIR DreamHack Masters experience, a top-tier esports arena championship where the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams in the world compete for a $250,000 prize pool. DreamHack Dallas will take place from May 31 to June 2, 2019, with the CORSAIR DreamHack Masters playoffs running the same dates. Additionally CORSAIR DreamHack Masters will feature a closed-to-public group stage taking place from May 28 to May 30.


After running successful DreamHack festivals in Austin, Denver and Atlanta, DreamHack is now bringing its world-famous digital festival experience to the thriving sports and esports city of Dallas. Bringing DreamHack to Dallas means that we, despite, leaving Austin, still get to be a part of the strong esports community in Texas.

DreamHack Dallas is a three-day event, built on the core contents of DreamHack festivals, such as the BYOC LAN, esports tournaments, cosplay, live music, an expo area, making it a must visit for any fans of the digital and gaming lifestyle.

"We are delighted that we now can bring the DreamHack experience to Dallas as we know that we that we have a good following in the city. Dallas is, for me, a city well known for its many sports teams and being a central hub for esports as well in the state of Texas but also for the whole of the U.S", DreamHack CEO Marcus Lindmark says in a comment continuing: "The Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center is an inspiring venue, and we are positive that it will help us create an even better event for our North American visitors with the biggest footprint in the US yet."


Since 2016, DreamHack has run and developed the DreamHack Masters concept, bringing 16 of the best teams in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive together for a large-scale arena tournament, with a $250,000 prize pool. CORSAIR DreamHack Masters is a premier event, focusing on the viewer experience both for those in the arena and the ones watching from around the world via the online stream and our linear broadcasting partners.

The Dallas event is the second Masters event held on U.S. soil, the first took place in Las Vegas during 2017, and will, as mentioned, feature 16 teams. A portion of the attending teams will receive direct invites based on results and merits, with others going through a qualifying process in Europe, North America and China and the Asian region. The event itself starts with a closed-to-public group stage where the 16 teams are divided into two groups.  CORSAIR DreamHack Masters Dallas features a new format with the top six teams from the group stage advancing to the three-day arena event. All group stage games will be broadcasted.

The arena event will take place in the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Arena, next door to the DreamHack Dallas festival, bringing the two events together, making the ultimate gaming and esports experience.

"We're excited to bring DreamHack to Dallas", said Monica Paul, Executive Director of the Dallas Sports Commission.  "This event is a new event for the city of Dallas which has many ties to the e-sports and gaming world.  We are happy to present three-days of esports tournaments, cosplay and live music for gaming and digital fans."

Early bird tickets for DreamHack Dallas start at $30, with BYOC tickets starting at $89. The price includes access to the CORSAIR DreamHack Masters event, with additional seating options available. Do notice that the two events will use separate entrances. Early bird ticket sales start on December 12, 2018. DreamHack will also offer competitive hotel packages, available upon purchase.

The official event websites, dreamhack.com/dallas and dreamhack.com/masters, are online now.


DreamHack is all about entertainment for the digital generation. Founded in 1994 as a BYOC LAN party, DreamHack grew over 20 years to a global phenomenon as the digital festival for today's youth, hosted throughout Europe and North America. DreamHack festivals feature multiple esports competitions, live music, exhibitions, creative competitions, LAN party, cosplay and much more. DreamHack helped pioneer esports and continues to be one of the largest global producers of esports content. DreamHack esports broadcasts reached over 375 million views and DreamHack events welcomed over 250,000 visitors in 2017.

More information is available at dreamhack.com. DreamHack is part of leading international digital entertainment group MTG. More information at mtg.com.


DreamHack Masters launched in 2016, as DreamHack's first large-scale esports arena event, the first event took place in Malmö, Sweden in April 2016. The event serves as the ultimate experience for esports fans from around the world wanting to watch their favorite professional teams and players play on the biggest of stages.

DreamHack Masters is a touring esports championship that will visit different cities and venues with different game titles, depending on market and timing. Thus far all editions of DreamHack Masters have featured Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as the main title, prize pools of 250,000 USD or more, and 16 teams competing live for the prize. DreamHack plans to continue to innovate and make sure that the DreamHack Masters series stays the most viewed independent tournaments. More information is available on dreamhack.com/masters.