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DreamHack Dallas to Host Madden NFL 19 Tournament

STOCKHOLM - DreamHack Dallas, which will take place May 31-June 2, 2019 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas, will feature a Madden NFL 19 Tournament that will be open to anyone attending the festival with prizes totaling $25,000. Tickets are available here and includes access to play and watch the Madden NFL 19  Tournament.

The Madden NFL tournament will take place over the course of the festival and is open for any competitor over the age of 16 attending DreamHack Dallas. Registrations are set to open shortly, and the tournament will be played in Madden Classic.

"Bringing DreamHack to Dallas for the first time is going to be epic - this is such a great city with a passion for sports at its core, including the NFL's Dallas Cowboys," said DreamHack Chief Product Officer Michael Van Driel. "Dallas is also known to be a strong breeding ground for tomorrow's esports professionals, so it will be a tremendous experience to see what this community brings to the Madden NFL Tournament."

This festival is a DreamHack debut in Dallas and, along with the addition of the CORSAIR DreamHack Masters, the three-day event will mark the largest DreamHack festival in North America to date. The event will feature everything gaming under one roof, including the Madden NFL 19 Tournament, BYOC LAN, esports tournaments, cosplay, live music concerts, an expo. CORSAIR DreamHack Masters is a premier event, focusing on the viewer experience both for those in the arena and those watching from around the world via the online stream live on Twitch.

In addition to Dallas, DreamHack will host festivals in nine additional major cities in 2019, including debuts in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Rotterdam, Netherlands. Additional locations include Leipzig, Germany; Tours, France, Valencia and Sevilla, Spain; Montreal, Canada; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; and DreamHack Summer and Winter in Jönköping, Sweden.




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DreamHack is all about entertainment for the digital generation. Founded in 1994 as a BYOC LAN party, DreamHack grew over 20 years to a global phenomenon as the digital festival for today's youth, hosted throughout Europe and North America. DreamHack festivals feature multiple esports competitions, live music, exhibitions, creative competitions, LAN party, cosplay and much more. DreamHack helped pioneer esports and continues to be one of the largest global producers of esports content. Millions of viewers tune in from all over the world to watch DreamHack broadcasts every year. DreamHack events welcomed over 310,000 visitors in 2018.

More information is available at dreamhack.com. DreamHack is part of leading international digital entertainment group MTG. More information at mtg.com.

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Ticket Information

Feb 15-17, 2019

DreamHack Leipzig, Germany

Event Complete

Apr 19 - 21, 2019

DEBUT: DreamHack Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tickets on sale now

May 17-19, 2019

DreamHack Tours, France

Tickets on sale now

May 31–Jun 2, 2019

DEBUT: DreamHack Dallas, Texas, USA

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Jun 15–17, 2019

DreamHack Summer

Jönköping, Sweden

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Jul 4-7, 2019

DreamHack Valencia, Spain

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Sep 6-8, 2019

DreamHack Montreal, Canada

Early Bird Tickets on sale: Thu, Mar 21, 2019, 5 p.m EST

Oct 18-20, 2019

DEBUT: DreamHack Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Nov 15-17, 2019

DreamHack Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Early Bird Tickets on sale: Wed, May 8, 2019, 9 a.m. EST

Nov 29–Dec 1, 2019

DreamHack Winter

Jönköping, Sweden

Early Bird Tickets on sale: Wed, Jun 26, 2019, 3 p.m. CET

Dec 12–15, 2019

DreamHack Sevilla, Spain

Tickets on sale now

Read more about the events at dreamhack.com


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